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Gallatin, TN was titled “The Nicest Place in America” by Reader’s Digest in 2017. Taking a look around, it’s easy to see why. Downtown Gallatin is beautiful, the local neighborhoods are filled with friendly people, and the city is a convenient distance from Nashville.

Wilco Junk Removal loves Gallatin, and that’s why we want to do our best to keep it a tidy, welcoming place. We accomplish this with our junk removal in Gallatin, TN, which you can schedule for yourself now by simply contacting us online.

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Do-it-yourself junk removal is a tiresome process, so why deal with the hassle? Call Wilco Junk Removal, a local, veteran-owned business for help instead.

It’ll be our pleasure to haul away trash, old belongings, and decorations for you; our team can also lug heavy items like furniture and appliances off your property. We even double as a light demolition business, so if you need us to tear down a fence, shed, or external garage, we’re ready to make it happen!


  1. You can always count on Wilco Junk Removal to arrive on time. Once we’re there, we’ll review everything that has to go and provide you with an upfront quote.
  2. Accept our quote, and you can leave all the physical labor to us. 
  3. We’ll haul every last unwanted item off your Gallatin, TN property. It all winds up in the back of our truck so we can dispose of everything after your appointment.
  4. We’ll accept payment once you’re satisfied with a job well done and head out to deal with disposal. 


Earlier, we mentioned that we can remove furniture from Gallatin, TN properties. Let’s take a closer look at this process. For example, we might get a call from someone in Gallatin, requesting that we remove a bed, mattress, or sofa from their residential property. It’s just as likely, though, that we’ll need to remove commercial furniture, such as a computer desk or chair. In any case, we’ll make sure we assemble a big team so we can easily remove even the heaviest furniture around!

While hauling furniture off a property, we take extra care to ensure that we don’t bump any walls or floors. The last thing we want to do is accidentally cause property damage. Don’t worry—we’ve completed many furniture removal jobs without any incidents. We’re fully insured, too, just to give you some peace of mind!

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