Attic Cleanout Services

Going up and down the attic ladder over and over again to clean it out probably isn’t your idea of a fun evening off. Skip this boring process by letting the team at Wilco Junk Removal handle it for you!


Have you ever heard of the saying “out of sight, out of mind”? It could be that the humble attic could embody this expression the most. Whenever you have things you don’t want to see around your house, you store them in the attic! However, this solution is only a quick fix. Eventually, your attic will become a cluttered nightmare, so put an end to this bad dream by scheduling attic cleanout services from Wilco Junk Removal.

We are a locally owned and operated business in Brentwood, TN, and we love serving our community! That includes you, neighbor. Guide us to your attic, and we’ll clean it out in no time. We’ll even dispose of the junk for you, too—that way, it truly is out of sight and out of mind!

Our Clean Out Services

To avoid the do-it-yourself junk removal process, contact one of the many companies that clean out attics near you! However, which one is the best available? When you have junk in the attic, who can you trust to provide you with the best junk removal? The team at Wilco Junk Removal is ready to show you what makes us the go-to clean out company in your area. Our team is filled with friendly faces, and behind those smiles is the genuine will to get the job done right. We’ll clean out your attic lickety-split so you can reclaim your much-needed space sooner rather than later!

We’re prepared to haul away whatever you have stored in your attic. What’s in there? Clothes? Toys? Old decorations? Yes, we can take them. Do you have mountains of boxes and bins? We can pop them open, help you sort through the contents, and take away whatever you don’t want to keep. What’s more, we can even do all this for you as soon as today or tomorrow. Be sure to let us know if you’d like a same-day or next-day appointment!

Not only are we a fast and flexible junk removal team, but we’re affordable, too. Save money on attic cleanout services by choosing Wilco Junk Removal instead of the franchises! We use a volume-based pricing system so that your final price is fair regardless of how much junk we haul away. Additionally, we never sprinkle hidden fees onto your bill either. Your checking account will thank you later!

Our Attic Junk Removal Process

  1. If you’re contacting us, chances are, your attic is full of junk. You’ve come to the right place! Start your process by booking us online or giving us a call.
  2. We will make it there within the provided 2-hour arrival window. Just approve our upfront service quote, and we can begin the clean out immediately.
  3. You won’t have to lend us a helping hand because we are full-service! We’ll haul all your attic junk to our truck faster than you might originally think.
  4. Once your attic is cleaned up, we’ll accept your final payment, then take all the junk away for disposal. Thanks for your business!

Removing Furniture During an Attic Clean Out

Removing furniture from a cramped attic can sometimes feel like a puzzle. The conditions are often cramped, making it hard to maneuver the furniture through the space. Getting it down that small attic ladder is only the icing on this disastrous cake. How did that furniture even get up there in the first place? That doesn’t matter as long as Wilco Junk Removal can get it down—and believe us, we can get it down!

What sort of furniture do you have stashed away in your attic? Chairs and tables? An old dresser? Maybe even a bedframe and a mattress? Whatever you have stored up there, we can get it down. Thanks to our many team members, we’ll be able to carefully and safely relocate even your bulkiest furniture items. We’ll lower the furniture from the attic, get it to your front door, and load it onto our truck. The work might seem impossible, but our miracle workers will quickly prove that anything is possible at Wilco Junk Removal!

About Us

Do you have junk in your attic? If You Need It Gone, We’re the One to Call! Unlike the junk removal franchises, Wilco Junk Removal is 100% locally owned, and boy, do we love serving our neighbors. We want to make our community a happier place, and we think you’ll be happier if we clean out your attic for you. Not only is it our pleasure to serve you, but we’ll do the work for an agreeable price, too. Schedule attic cleanout services with us today to see an instant improvement to your day!

Attic Junk We Take

Boxes and Bins
Old Decorations
Tools and Toolboxes
Bagged Trash

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • review rating

    Reliable, careful and fair priced. Pleasure to deal with.

  • review rating

    Amazing service. Would definitely recommend.

    Kacey Rice
  • review rating

    Great service! Quick and on time. Will use him again and again!

    Becky Wheeler
  • review rating

    These two men who came to move our old bedding were wonderful! Very polite and professional. We will definitely use them in the future and will tell our friends and neighbors as well. Thank You for your outstanding job.

    Janet Wilson
  • review rating

    Would highly recommend Wilco. I had been trying to get rid of a couch for a long time & usually told its not enough to make the trip or I wouldnt get a return call. Wilco happend to be close by & got it out w ease. Super friendly, good pricing & strong.

    Lauren Zini
  • review rating

    This is the 2nd time we have used Wilco Junk Removal and again we are very happy with the service. Getting an appt was quick, the price is reasonable, and they are very professional and quick! They always blow away any debris or dust after all the junk is gone. I highly recommend and will absolutely be calling them again in the future!

    Brianna Kidwell
  • review rating

    I needed some substantial cleanup help after a rental tenant moved out, leaving behind a carport, attic, and garage full of junk. Not to mention, several items in the yard itself. The removal needed to be quick, as the property is now under contract. Will was so kind and courteous over the phone, and I immediately had a good feeling about hiring WilCo. Will met me at the unit same day. He was even able to begin the cleanup process same day! I had reached out for quotes on yelp, and found his rates to be more than competitive, as well. This difficult task was made easier and handled so effectively and efficiently with Will and his equally kind teammate. I have other upcoming needs, and have already discussed and planned with WilCo for other work in the near future. I can’t say enough good things!
    Absolutely recommend, 1000%!
    Thank you for taking the time to read my review.
    Sherri – a very satisfied client

    Sherri Cash
  • review rating

    I needed just a few things removed and had scheduled a different company who on the day of didn’t answer my calls, texts, etc
    Wilco called me back immediately and they were at my place to pick up my things the same day! They were prompt, friendly, and had my items loaded up in a flash! Loved them and will definitely use Wilco again!!

    Stacy Dempsey
  • review rating

    Will Whitney and Wilco Junk Removal were phenomenal to work with. From the initial inquiry throughout the entire process, communication was timely and so was the work. Instructions on what to do at the job site were short and concise to the point in which Will and the team easily executed our request.

    We will surely use Wilco Junk Removal again, and look forward to continue at such an affordable price.

    Coran Lewis
  • review rating

    Best money I’ve spent in 10 years! Will and his partner were on time, so friendly, and worked efficiently. They didn’t just give me my house & garage back but in 2-hours, they gave me my life back! 10/10 would highly recommend!!

    Brittanye S
  • review rating

    Will and Jack are the two kindest and most polite guys – and helped me clean out a big storage room to take to Goodwill. They loaded it all up and hauled it away. They were super easy to work with made it simple for me! I have scheduled them again to come back!

    Beth Thompson
  • review rating

    After many tries to find a reliable junk removal company I was referred to this company off of my neighborhood Facebook page!

    They promptly responded, set an appointment and came on time! They efficiently removed 5 mattresses and a grill! They were quick, professional and the most reasonable cost! They were top notch and I will refer them and use them again!

    Sharee Katina
  • review rating

    Very quick and responsive, as well as one of the only junk removal services to provide any kind of quote prior to arriving, which I really appreciate. We were very fortunate to get same-day service, and Will kept us updated with a specific ETA–no hours-long window of time–so we could plan the rest of our day. This feels like a trustworthy company; we will keep them in mind for any future needs and be telling our friends and family, as well.

    Casey Weatherington
  • review rating

    They let us know they were on the way. Guys were super professional, both shook hands which I found very professional. They work wiith people/charities to donate as well as super aware of landfill. Offer to wear booties as they were mindful of the house. Local owned and operated.

    Tracy Brewer
  • review rating

    The guys were on time and did a great job in a hurry. Reasonable price and outstanding job! Very nice and professional. Will call them again as needed.

    Robert Rains

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